June 25, 2022


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The structure of the new French government is here

The announcement was made by General Secretary Alexis Kohler on the steps of the Elysee.

Minister of Economy and Finance and Industry Sovereignty and Government No. 2: Bruno Mayor

Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs: Catherine Colona

Minister in charge of energy conversion: Agnes Pannier-Runacher

Minister responsible for climate change and regional integration: Amelie de Montserrat

Minister of Armed Forces: Sebastien Lagorn.

home Minister: Of Gerald Dorman Has been re-appointed to his post.

Guardian of Stamps, Minister of Justice: Eric DuPont-Moretti, Has been re-appointed to his post.

Minister of National Education, Youth: Historian Bob Ndie.

Minister of Health and Prevention: Brigitte Bourguignon

Minister of Public Works: Stanislas Gurini

Minister for Solidarity, Autonomy and Persons with Disabilities: Damien Abbott

Minister of Labor, Employment, Full Employment and Coordination: Oliver Dassoft

Minister of Regional Coordination and Relations with Local Authorities: Joel Girard

Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty: Mark Fesno.

Foreign Minister: Yael Braun-Pivet

Minister of Culture: Reema Abdul Malak

Minister of Higher Education and Research: Sylvie is a retailer

Ministerial Representative for the Games and the Olympics: Amelie Odia-Castora

Olivia GregoryFormer Secretary of State for Social, Cohesive and Responsible Economy

Former spokesman Gabriel Attle The Minister in charge of Public Accounts is appointed as the Representative.

Oliver Veron Appointed Deputy Minister in charge of Parliamentary Relations and Democratic Life.

Frank Ryster Appointed Minister of Foreign Trade.

Clement Peon Appointed Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of Europe.

Isabel Rome Appointed Deputy Minister in charge of Equality, Diversity and Equal Opportunities between Women and Men.

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Christoph Speak, The mayor of Angers was appointed ministerial representative in charge of local authorities.