August 17, 2022


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The Taliban are replacing the women’s ministry with a deputy ministry

Twenty years ago, the Taliban feared its fundamentalism during the first regime, and the Ministry of Women’s Affairs appeared to have closed on Friday in order to change its charitable promotion and vice prevention.

Workers were seen establishing the identity of the Ministry of Charity Promotion and Sub-Prevention in the capital’s former women’s affairs building.

In the last 24 hours there have been several reports on social media that ministry employees have been protesting in front of the building because they have lost their jobs.

“No one listens to our women,” said one surfer on Twitter, while another wondered: “What else can we expect from these animals?”

No Taliban official has responded to AFP’s request for comment.

Marginalized women

Despite their insistence that they rule more moderately than they did in 1996-2001, the Taliban did not allow most women to return to work. They introduced the rules of what to wear to college.

None of the ministers in the new Taliban government announced two weeks ago are women.

Although still marginalized, Afghan women have enjoyed fundamental rights over the past 20 years, especially in cities, as members of parliament, judges, pilots and police officers.

Hundreds of thousands of them have entered the labor market – often unnecessarily, many have become widows or are now supporting disabled husbands after two decades of conflict.

But since they returned to power on August 15, the Taliban have been reluctant to guarantee their rights. Islamists say women are ordered to stay at home for their own protection, but will be allowed to work as soon as there is a formal separation.

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Very strict ministry

During the first Taliban regime, women were often excluded from public life. They can only leave the house if they are with a chaperone.

Promotional agents from the Ministry of Virtue and Vice Prevention whipped women who walked alone.

They were also responsible for strictly enforcing other strict interpretations of Islam, such as forbidding men from attending prayers and shaving.

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