February 3, 2023


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The Taliban have uncovered the bodies of four kidnappers killed in Herat

A senior official in charge said the Taliban had hung the bodies of four kidnappers from cranes after they were killed in a shooting in the western Afghan city of Herat.

Mawlavi Shir Ahmad Muhajir, deputy governor of Herat province, said the men’s bodies were on display in several squares of the city on Saturday, the day they died.Lesson“, To inform that abductions will not be tolerated.

On social media, especially crude pictures show bloody corpses on the back of a pickup as a man’s body is lifted by a crane.

A crowd of spectators watches as armed Taliban militants gather near the vehicle.

Cow Afghanistan: “It’s time to accept Taliban rules”

Another video shows him hanging from a crane on a large roundabout in Herat, with a sign across his chest: “The kidnappers will be punished like this“.

This general sentence has been spectacular since the Taliban took power last month.

This process indicates that the Islamists are ready to take such ruthless measures as they used from 1996 to 2001.

Governor Muhajir said the bodies were displayed in city squares where other abductions had already taken place.To teach a lesson that other kidnappers should not kidnap or harass anyone“.

We are the Islamic Emirate. No one should harm our nation. No one should be kidnappedHe said in the music video.

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