August 17, 2022


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The Taliban took up positions in Panchkula in fear of Washington’s civil war

The Taliban claimed land in the Panjir Valley. The last major focus of the armed resistance. According to Washington, conditions for a civil war will soon melt away.

Since August 30, Islamic Movement forces have launched a series of offensives against this underground and inaccessible valley, 80 km north of Kabul.

The area, long known as a stronghold against the Taliban and before General Ahmed Shah Masood was assassinated by al-Qaeda in 2001, is now home to the National Opposition Front (FNR).

Taken Ahmed Masood, son of Commander Masood, The FNR includes members of local militias and former members of the Afghan security forces who came to the valley when other parts of Afghanistan fell.

According to the Italian NGO Emergency in Panjir, Taliban forces reached the village of Anaba, about 25 km into the valley on Friday evening.

A Taliban official said on Twitter that many parts of Panjir were now under the control of regime forces. Communications with the Banjir Valley are difficult and the AFP could not confirm this information from an independent source.

In response, General Mark Millie, Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Army, said:Conditions of the Civil War“Were”Likely to reunite“In Afghanistan.

I think there is a very high probability of a civil war“Who can lead”Restructuring of Al Qaeda or strengthening ISIS (Islamic State group) or other terrorist groups“, He said in an interview with Fox News.

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