January 29, 2023


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The third largest burger chain in America is planning to revive this signature burger - eat this, not that

The third largest burger chain in America is planning to revive this signature burger – eat this, not that

Burger King hasn’t exactly been the king of fast food in recent years. The series was far behind competitors like McDonald’s And the Wendy, catching straws to stay relevant to the younger, hungriest masses. Along the way, the chain made quite a bit Very big changes and additions But he recently announced plans to get back to basics.

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Such as Big Mac At McDonald’s, whopper is Burger King’s bread and butter; The signature menu item that has become synonymous with grilled company spirit. The difference, though, is the fact that last-quarter sales of Burger King in the US rose 1.8%, while Big Mac-slinger easily outperformed with a 7.5% profit. With sales lagging, Burger King is bringing out the big guns, or in this case, “reclaiming the flame.”

lately earnings callexecutives from parent company Restaurant Brands International have described the nostalgic glory of Whopper as a key focal point for starting Burger King sales in 2022. This includes better marketing the sandwich, making it faster to prepare, and therefore easier to drive behind diners, and Reduce annoying waiting times.

As with the massive Remove from value listIt’s all part of a master plan to elevate an iconic product and give it the respect it deserves. “While we always strive to provide excellent value for money on a complete menu basis, going forward, we will be purposeful and targeted when we choose to promote this premium asset,” said Tom Curtis, President of Burger King in the US and Canada.

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series too Minimize the bottom of the list Overall, to simplify preparation processes for workers, expedite orders for customers, and ensure Whopper is front and center. By removing other potential distractions on the menu, the highlighted sandwich has a better chance of shining.

“For example, we have several hamburgers,” Curtis said. “And we have six ways to put cheese on the hamburger. Put it first, last, top, bottom, three slices, two slices. We’ve condensed that. It involves less muscle memory.”

What this means for US diners is that the Burger King Whopper experience may soon look a little different, or at least feel a little faster. Relying on successful strategies in international markets, where sales have been much better (13.6% increase in 2021), the company promises new extensions and innovations around Whopper.

In many ways, it’s the back-to-basics style of reviving the Burger King Whopper, simplifying operations and keeping the sandwich light on that made it famous. “We’ll focus on our core, on the haber, flame roast, your own way,” Curtis says. “These are the things that make us great, and the things that will make us great going forward.”