August 17, 2022


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The uproar erupted in Ukraine

Ukrainian officials have come under fire for criticizing the idea that female soldiers should be paraded in court shoes instead of battle shoes during a military parade in August.

The scandal erupted after the Ministry of Defense released rehearsal photos of a march marking the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence on August 24.

In these pictures, posted on its official Facebook page, we can see the young parade, students of an army faculty, in camouflage uniforms and black bumps walking with medium heels, partly in female parade uniforms, the ministry said.

Today we are training in high heels for the first time. It’s a little harder than combat boots, but we do what we canOne of the participants, Ivana Medvedev, was quoted as saying by Army Inform, the official agency of the Ministry of Defense.

The photos provoked strong reactions on social media and protests in parliament.

Heels are the rage against women imposed by the beauty industry“Internet user Maria Chabranova condemned”Sex and misconception“.”What will be the navy, bikini and paddles?“, Another Katerina Romanenko.

Several Ukrainian delegates close to former President Pedro Poroshenko wore court shoes in front of the defense minister and offered to wear them.Go to the parade“.

Colossus Party MP Inna Savsawun condemned “A stupid idea“Simulation”Identical about the role of women as cute dolls“.Publicly apologize for this insult“Women.

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