December 8, 2022


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The validity period of the vaccination certificate is limited to nine months

The European Covit Digital Certificate is valid and is limited to nine months (270 days) for its holder to travel within the EU, as confirmed by the European Commission on Tuesday, while vaccination campaigns continue in the EU. Booster dose (“Stimulant“).

This arrangement aims to harmonize the various rules in force in the Member States. The accepted validity period takes into account the guidelines of the European Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC), which recommend booster doses six months after the first cycle of vaccination. The certificate is valid for three additional months, allowing to modify national vaccination campaigns and allow citizens access to booster doses.

Justice Commissioner Didier Reinders supported the synchronization, while PCR testing is also required for travelers entering the EU who have already been vaccinated in several countries.

The unilateral action of the member states will bring us back to the fragmented and uncertain conditions we experienced last spring. The nine-month acceptance period for vaccination certificates will give citizens and businesses the confidence they need to plan their trips with confidence. It is the responsibility of member states to ensure the immediate recall to protect our health and ensure safe travel.The Belgian commissioner was quoted as saying in a statement.

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