December 8, 2022


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The village of Greenville, 800 people, was engulfed by the flames of the Dixie fire

Additional eviction orders were issued Thursday Dixie faces fire spread, A major fire in California destroyed a city in the north of the state the previous day, twisting lampposts in the heat and destroying many historic buildings.

Greenville, about 800 people, were engulfed in flames from a Dixie fire overnight from Wednesday to Thursday.

Much of Greenville was completely destroyed. “Photographer Stuart Tweet tweeted with photos. “My heart is broken for this beautiful little town“.

The fire has devastated northern California for three weeks, including the effects of continuous wind and climate change, as well as heat and dangerous drought in the region. He now covers over 110,000 hectares.

Photographs by the AFP photographer show the presence of metal lamps and some rare structures that were half-folded by the heat of the fire.

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Built during the California Gold Rush in the mid-19th century, the city was devastated by a gas station, hotel and bar with some of the century-old buildings.

The fire reached Greenville around 11pm on Wednesday, according to Jack Gogall, division head of the Crisis Management Committee.

We have firefighters, they face the gun

In a video released Wednesday evening, he said firefighters were being delayed because they did not follow evacuation orders and were forced to sacrifice time and resources for their assistance.

We have firefighters who were shot by people who did not want to leave.“, Mr. Kagal explained.

About 2,000 residents of California called for their homes to be evacuated “immediately” Wednesday. Residents in the southern and northern cities of Taylorsville and Westwood, Greenville, were asked Thursday by authorities to evacuate their homes to protect themselves.

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