November 30, 2022


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The volcano slowly descends towards the ocean, terribly toxic gases

The lava flows Du Cumbre Viza Volcano They took everything in their path on Tuesday to the Spanish island of La Palma, where their arrival is feared as toxic gases are emitted.

The eruption, which began Sunday on the island in the Canary Islands, has already displaced 6,000 people after evacuating 500 additional people overnight.

Lava “Inevitably descending towards the sea, nothing can be done about it. In the face of this flow it is all helplessness […] Will take everything in its path […] And takes other homesAngel Victor Torres, head of the Canary Islands region, warned.

With nearly 85,000 people living on the island since 1971, if no damage had occurred, the damage would have been huge, exceeding மில்லியன் 400 million. According to Torres, he stressed that the Canaries would benefit from re-creation from European funds. .

According to European geological measurements of Copernicus, the volcano has so far destroyed 166 buildings and covered 103 hectares.

The voyage to the sea was originally scheduled for Monday evening, but was delayed due to a slowdown in flow because it could cause volcanic eruptions, waves of boiling water or gas emissions. According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

Clouds formed by the contact of seawater and volcanoes are acidic“And”Dangerous if you are too close“, Explains AFP Patrick Alert, CNRS research director at the Institute de Geophysics to the Globe in Paris.

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