August 9, 2022


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The WHO warns that Govt’s path in Africa is “very, very worrying.”

According to data collected by the WHO, there were 116,500 new infections in Africa in the week ended June 13, 25,500 more than the previous week.

Dr. Ryan pointed out that overall the continent does not look so bad, accounting for 5% of new cases and 2.2% of deaths worldwide last week.

But infections have doubled in some countries, and more than 50% in others.

The third wave of Govt-19 cases, with variations in Africa “multiplying and accelerating”, already warned the World Health Organization (WHO) office on the continent on Thursday, demanding an increase in vaccine supply.

Dr. Ryan, like WHO Director for Africa Dr. Matzidiso Moiti, stressed that the continent is more vulnerable as Europe or the United States has higher immunization rates and more anti-Govt vaccines. Normal life with a dramatic drop in infections and deaths.

“In an area with so many types of infections that can be highly contagious and strong, we have lost the vast majority of the population and vulnerable people in Africa from vaccine protection, while health systems are already vulnerable,” he said. Dr. Ryan.

“This is a result of the distribution of unfair vaccines,” he stressed.

This is especially true for Africa, where only 1% of the population is fully immune.

Until then Africa has been hit hard by the epidemic more than any other region, but that does not mean it will remain so.

“It’s absolutely premature to think that the next wave of Africa will be a short rain, not a storm,” the doctor said. Add: “I think we need to take what’s happening in Africa very seriously.”

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