December 8, 2022


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The winner of the best baguette in Paris goes from victory to controversy

Emperor Emperor Gregory, the first deputy mayor (PS) of Paris, said at the awards ceremony in front of Notre Dame, during the bread ceremony, that McGrath Agrude “understood that coming was not optimal.” .

Mayor Anne Hidalgo initially took care of it, but she had “personal control” and promised her first deputy.

Out of 173 contestants, the winner of the contest a week earlier, Mr.

After his success, the 42-year-old artisan gathered new customers for his bakery at the 12th Palace, including 19 years of work in France after coming from Tunisia. But he was isolated by the far right for sending messages to France, critical, even hostile, written in Arabic on social networks.

“Like many Internet users, he was able to share past content published on social networks without understanding all the content,” said his lawyer Sylvia Losforges, while AFP contacted Frank Thomas, president of the Grand Paris Packers’ Association, who said he was “sorry” for this “very good professional”. That illustrates an “error”.

The content shared on his Facebook account may have contained anti-Republican and hateful comments against France and its fellow citizens (…) which immediately aroused his understanding and astonishment, as he believed his account had been hacked “, his client” immediately deleted his Facebook account “m Lasforgias said. .

Since then, “Mr. Agrude has been greatly affected by the impact of the hateful news,” says the lawyer, whose client, who received French nationality by decree in 2019, said, “His commitment to France and its adherence to the fundamental principles of liberty, equality and fraternity.”

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The winner of this competition traditionally offers the Elysium for one year. “It presents a thing in the distribution of Elysee, if by chance it is a character with unhappy expressions,” said Emmanuel Grigore.

Citi told AFP on Friday that it had entered police headquarters to “investigate whether an investigation is underway and whether the accused person has a precedent.” On Saturday, “nothing is allowed to acknowledge the veracity of a certain number of criticisms,” Mr.

Contacted by the AFP, the Elysee Palace did not react Saturday afternoon.