January 30, 2023


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The words of an MEP in Health Pass are slanderous

The announcements made by the French president on July 12 provoked a number of reactions. On Twitter, MEP EELV Michele Rivasi misunderstood a comparison.

“This is racism in the human rights country,” the elected official wrote, equating the extension of the health pass to the former South African regime.

An opinion that provoked outrage, including within his party. “I am so ashamed to be in the same party as you,” commented Ellie Desier, co-chair of the Energy Commission within EELV. “But what a disgrace you bring to our movement,” reacted Frederick Patina Serbet, to the elected EELV Paris Council.

“The historical reference is shameful”, wrote the green MEP Mounir Satouri.

The party’s deputy national secretary also responded quickly. “Political criticism is useful when in charge, these are not verbal derivatives. As an environmental activist, one can only describe them,” Sandra Recole tweeted.

In addition to the EELV, the Socialist Party’s first secretary also condemned Michael Rivasi’s expulsion: “How the anti-ax in a tweet can become so overwhelming. To compare incomparable is to reconsider the crime that was the racist rule of racism.”

In the ranks of Emmanuel Macron’s party, La Repubblica n March, many personalities, such as Herald’s deputy, Patricia Miralles, responded harshly.

Faced with the controversy, MEP, the anti-vaccine celebrity, wanted to justify himself. By first publishing the Larus definition of racism, and then triggering a chronology World, Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya. The article in question, however, did not talk about the health pass and the revelation used by the former employer of the World Trade Organization.

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# Dictatorship

More generally, Macron’s announcements sparked an uproar on social networks. This Tuesday, the DICTATURE hastag became popular on Twitter, with users not hesitating to compare France to North Korea, accusing Macron of being a dictator.

“The actions announced by Macron this evening are not only unbalanced, they are crazy. Wake up!” That member of the Patriots, R.N. Geoffrey Polly, a member of the party founded by Florian Philip, former vice president of the party, tweeted.

Health conspiracy for presidential candidate Franுவாois Aslino.

Calls are also being made for a demonstration on July 14, a national holiday.