February 3, 2023


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The world’s smallest baby, weighing 212 grams at birth, was finally able to leave the hospital after 13 months of treatment.

If the University Hospital of Singapore, like most hospitals in the world, had experienced many tragedies during the health crisis, it would have deserved its little miracle.

A year ago, Quake Yu Xuan was born within its walls, a four-month-old baby born by emergency cesarean. Doctors estimated that the girl had almost no chance of survival as she weighed 212 grams at birth.

But against all odds, after 13 months in hospital and intensive treatment, the baby was finally able to return to his parents ’home in early August. Now weighing 6.3 kg, the little girl still needs to be closely monitored, especially due to chronic lung disease and pulmonary hypertension. But the improvement in his health over the months is a small miracle. In fact, according to scientific estimates from the University of Iowa in the US, the life of a baby born weighing less than 400 grams is very rare.

“Radiation of hope in the midst of chaos”

In a statement, Singapore Hospital paid tribute to Yu Xuan: “We are delighted with the little fighter and his family and are proud of the care provided by our team. Our congratulations to little Yu Xuan who grows, thrives and overcomes contradictions every day.

The child’s recovery refers to a “ray of hope in the midst of turmoil” to the hospital, which continues to struggle with the Govt-19 infection every day. “She inspired the people around her with her diligence and growth..

The smallest child in the world

By universal standards, Yuan is the lightest child to survive postpartum. The University of Iowa registry lists the lightest 230-gram baby born in Germany in 2016, while the current Guinness World Record holds for the 245-gram American baby born in 2018.

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As a reminder, a baby born in the period – after about 40 weeks – usually weighs 3 to 5 kg.