November 30, 2022


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The young Joker who went missing in the Mayan is found alive

“The discovery of the girl who went missing yesterday has been notified and confirmed to Gendermary that she is alive.

Asked by AFP, Ms. Maigné said the discovery was made in Sablé-sur-Sarthe, about ten kilometers from the young high school student’s home, and that the trial would be contacted Wednesday afternoon.

According to an AFP photographer, rue Gambetta in Sablé-sur-Sarthe on his way to Laval was completely surrounded by police on Tuesday evening.

The day after the mysterious disappearance of this integrated young high school student, an investigation into the abduction and isolation began, with 200 soldiers mobilized to find her.

“This qualification for kidnapping and forcible imprisonment is punishable by a torture if the offender voluntarily frees the arrested person quickly,” the prosecutor told reporters late in the afternoon, who appeared to have contacted the kidnapper.

However, the prosecutor insisted that the “first elements collected” did not allow the state to “reject any trace of guilt, accident, or escape.”

The young woman left her home in St-Price on Monday evening at 4:00 to go jogging, the magistrate said, adding that it was “a routine activity for her”.

Her parents reported the disappearance to Gendermary at 6:40 p.m. “Her father, who was alerted by the time she was gone, went the route she usually goes, where she was nowhere to be found,” Ms Migne said. “Her research led her to discover the various consequences of owning and exploiting her daughter.”

During her press conference, the lawyer described her as “a young woman who exhibits no significant individuality and continues her studies at a high school in the region, integrated, surrounded, athletic.”

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According to the Strava app, GPS tracking allows you to share your sports activities, with the young woman traveling about 5 km north of Saint-Price in about 25 minutes. On Monday, his path was blocked after 5 minutes, about a kilometer from his home, at the intersection of two roads in a wooded area, near the Bellebranch National Forest.

In police custody

On Monday evening, a drunken man was taken into police custody, “in order to clarify his schedule considering some inconsistencies during his first statements,” Ms., who did not deny his release on Tuesday. Maigné said. When asked about the matter by the AFP on Tuesday evening, he did not want to say more.

Two hundred genders were mobilized until the young woman was found. This includes divers, mobile police, dog crews, helicopters and teams on horseback to wooded areas.

The landscape is “rough because it is extensive,” the attorney said, referring to the 190-hectare area around the parents ’home, the area being overgrown with trees and water.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Genters blocked the Bellibranch Forest and the main access roads around it. Many Gendermary vehicles, especially the vans of criminal identification technicians, passed through this small rural town of 530 people with highly scattered houses.

A helicopter flew over the neighborhood, and the gentry interrogated the young man’s neighbor.