January 30, 2023


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The young woman died and was killed by a plane while mowing the lawn

A dramatic crash occurred Monday in a small private aerodrome in Saint-Esprit, north of Montreal.

Broadcast by various local media including WhatsApp News, A 27-year-old woman, was mowing the lawn with a tractor on the edge of the runway when it collided with a small plane that landed. He was rushed to hospital in critical condition and died shortly afterwards.

“The plane would have hit the victim when it landed. In all likelihood, the pilot would not have seen him.”, Said Sgt.

Due to the impact, the plane veered slightly off the runway, but the experienced pilot was not injured, but had to go to hospital to be treated for a nerve trauma.

Mario Provost, head of Saint-Esprit Aerodrome, also commented on the tragedy: “The pilot did the right maneuver in the right place, but using the type of aircraft, when landing, the nose of the aircraft is always elevated, so for a few seconds, you don’t really see what’s happening.

While waiting for the investigation to continue, fundraising was launched to help the relatives of the dead young woman, who is the mother of a 4-year-old girl.

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