October 7, 2022


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“Then are we stealing pictures?” : While making fun of Yann Barthès Eric Zemmour’s announcement video!

Eric Zemmor has finally formalized his candidacy for the French presidential election, and if we consider it even more surprising … the former TV columnist who will be used for the allegations will face a serious dilemma.

In fact in his campaign announcement video there are many pictures of dramatic accents, pictures, shows or documentaries for which he did not even ask for the slightest recognition.

Pretending to be the savior of France, the far-right politician has used many images that have angered many individuals and organizations.

The video later became a playground for presenter Yann Pardes, who was interested in a situation like this to find out that his film was aired on Eric Zemorin’s video. Yann Barthès, Valérie Trierweller, Aymeric Caron, la Gaumont, Huffington Post And Barbara’s heirs have expressed outrage and desire to be removed from the message of a candidate with extreme right – wing views.

Quotidian’s presenter had fun using pictures without recognition. “And bad for the wallet, the pictures of the Champions League …“, He began.

He will then give the astronomical sums to be paid by the candidate. “Our film industry estimates that more than 100,000 euros have been stolen from archives, not counting TV images, reports or even drones. Again, 100,000 if they asked for rights. Because now we need to add tests.

Yann Barthès later mentioned what the show would do with the money. “OhIt has decided to donate the money we receive from Gemmoor to associations to help immigrants.

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