August 9, 2022


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These controversial and ridiculous gifts are hidden by Donald Trump and his administration

Every president of the United States receives gifts when he or she visits a state. And members of its administration. This is a tradition, however, that involves strict rules, so there is no abuse.

A little historical reminder is in order. Do not allow American officials to “buy” themselves with tremendous gifts, which originally came from members of the European aristocracy, a rule written in the Constitution. It imposed that an officer could not accept anything of value from strangers. But by 1966, when the law would change and Congress rules would change somewhat, an officer could have less valuable gifts, up to a maximum of $ 415. Subsequent amendments defined gifts as government property and created a standardized process for how officials should treat them. For greater transparency, administrations are required to disclose the rewards American officials receive and their estimated value each year.

Other than that, here, this Monday, the New York Times Donald Trump’s disastrous administration is questioned during his commission on these “gifts”. Our American colleagues first cite the example of Donald Trump’s first official visit to the presidency. He chose Saudi Arabia because the two countries had not previously maintained very friendly relations. To thank him for his “openness” and his visit, the Saudi royal family presented dozens of gifts to the US President and his entourage. The New York Times cites three coats of white tiger and cheetah fur and a bucket that looks like ivory on the handle.

Capture? Not only do these gifts often violate endangered species law, but the Trump administration has failed to report them as gifts from a foreign government. Finally, on the last day of Donald Trump’s decree and before Joe Biden took office, the White House handed them over to the “public services administration” instead of the “American Fish and Wildlife” service. Finally, this summer, they grabbed the said gifts. But that’s not all, because after extensive analysis, a ridiculous observation was established: the fur, which came from a family rich in oil and worth billions of dollars, is in fact … fake. “The lining of the garments was painted to reflect the tiger and cheetah designs, not the protected species.Tyler Cherry, a spokeswoman for the Interior Ministry, which oversees the U.S. Fisheries and Wildlife Service, said Saudi embassy officials in Washington had declined to comment.

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Personalities close to the president are confused

This case is not the only concern. According to a New York Times report, the U.S. Department of the Inspector General is actually investigating allegations that people named Donald Trump left gift bags worth several thousand dollars for foreign leaders at the Seventh Group Summit planned by Camp David 2020. However, this was canceled due to a corona virus infection. The pockets contained dozens of items purchased with public funds, including leather wallets, pewter plates and marble jewelry boxes bearing the President’s seal or the signatures of Trump and his wife Melania.

The inspector general is still trying to locate a $ 5,800 bottle of Japanese whiskey given to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Also not found: 22 carat gold coin and ceramic bowl from Vietnam designed for John R. Bolton, Donald Trump’s third national security adviser. He sent an email exchange with the White House to the New York Times showing that he had never taken these gifts and did not like them.

Another personality appears in the turmoil. It was former second lady Karen Pence who took two gold business card holders from the Prime Minister of Singapore without paying. The Benz family lawyer, contacted by the New York Times, thought his client could have them because their value was estimated at less than $ 390, the minimum threshold allowed at the time. But according to information provided by the White House to the State Department, Karen received Benz cardholders and a structured engraving and sleeve for a total of $ 1,200. On the lawyer’s side for the Pence family, it is alleged that gifts were presented at various meetings and that Karen Pence refused to keep the engraving and card.

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Finally, the Trump administration did not reveal that Jared Kushner, the nephew of the then president and the best adviser to the White House, had received two swords and a box from the Saudis. After leaving the office.

Although there is currently no evidence that Donald Trump and his wife accepted unqualified gifts, ethics experts point to the broader issues of his administration. “In any case, whether it is negligence, negligence or organized theft, it shows a horse attitude towards the normal functioning of law and government.Stanley M.

On the State Department side, we said in a press release that we would investigate. “Regarding the gifts we did not receive and the circumstances under which they disappeared.