February 2, 2023


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They are left without families, and some have secretly escaped!

In Malta, thirty French youths between the ages of 12 and 17 were stranded on the island due to health restrictions. Earlier this week, a group of young people were diagnosed with a cov eruption. Those considered to be contact cases must carry out a fourteen-day isolation according to Maltese rules. Their return to France, originally scheduled for Saturday, has been postponed.

The situation is very stressful for parents of teenagers. Jean’s mother, 14, was interviewed by France Blue Poitou: “Jean was with a foster family when the news came. Without even giving him a check, she was ordered to stay in an isolated house with her suitcase, alone, in her room, and plates of food were left in front of her house three times a day, ”explains her mother Estelle.

This mother says she is worried and does not understand that we can leave these young people alone and in their own country unknown to them.

Forgotten suitcases, unusable showers, lack of air conditioning… Other parents describe isolated “unacceptable” conditions. “We didn’t even do a PCR test to confirm the results of the antigens,” objected one father in Le Monde. Despite our requests, she was unable to see a doctor, even on video, or received medication. “

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About fifteen young men returned illegally

Le Monde also confirms that about fifteen young people have already been able to join their parents by organizing their secret income. Since their antigenic test was negative, they booked a flight from the hotel room and ordered a taxi to the airport. “There are even some who left the emergency door so as not to be stopped at the reception,” one of them said. At customs, everything went “without any hindrance”.

In a press release, the organization responsible for the stay noted that education was “open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for parental questions” and that “online courses and distance activities” were provided to isolated adolescents. On Twitter, the government said it was “strongly involved in monitoring the situation of isolated youth.”

The French ambassador to Malta also met the teenagers in solitude on Wednesday evening, July 14, according to France Blue Poitou.