December 8, 2022


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“They want to make me look like a monster”: Gemmore responds after controversy over burying Mera victims in Israel

This Thursday, Eric Semmor was a guest on CNews on the show “L’heure des Pros”. As usual, he talked about a lot of things, including immigration. He also reviewed his statements about the victims of Mohammed Mera buried in Israel.

In his book “France Did Not Say Its Last Word”, the man who has not yet officially stood for election wrote: “Mohammed Merah’s family asked him to be buried in the land of his ancestors in Algeria. We also know that Jewish children killed in front of the school in Toulouse will be buried in Israel. Anthropologists say, ‘We belong to the country’.

Called on the show “On Est My Direct”, he justified himself. “The French play is that we will no longer create the French people […] This text:, He explained to Leah Salameh and Laurent Rugier. This verbal justification provoked real anger.

He confronted Pascal Pratt and responded to the controversy. “I understand very well that they want to use what I say and that they want to send me into a monster without humanity and without a heart.”, He began. “Remember, you know, the debate between Giscard and Mitterrand: ‘You have no monopoly on the heart, I have the heart, and it beats at its own pace.’ I want to answer correctly. “

Later, plaintiff Mohammad Mera wanted to explain that he did not want to shock the relatives of the victims. “All this is a political tool of emotion and the honest and real suffering of the people, I understand very well, they were surprised and shocked, so they said I was hurt. It’s not important of the game. I do not think to hurt these people.”, He promised.

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For him, all he did was keep a cool eye on the facts. “Each of us has two levels. First the emotion, the sincere feeling about these people, the suffering of these people, it’s the same thing. Then there is the rational analysis of events. It’s not the same thing. , It must be said “, He concluded.