December 8, 2022


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This funny fish with human teeth was caught in the United States (photos)

© Facebook Jennette’s Pier

These photos shared on Facebook did not fail to get internet users to react. We can see a fish with a funny tooth almost like a human. In early August, in North Carolina, an aquatic fish was caught, known as the “rondo mutton” or “sheep’s spare head.”

When an American in his thirties was quietly fishing in an eco-friendly hole Jennets Bear in North Carolina, he did not expect such a catch. Nathan Martin actually caught this funny fish, the teeth are at least unusual: it looks almost like a human. This aquatic animal, equipped with incisions and molars, is called a “rondo mountain” or “spare dead-de-mountain”.

It is an omnivorous species that measures up to 90 centimeters and usually weighs 10 kilograms. He lives mainly “Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean on the East Coast of the United States”, Explained an expert Western France. “Rondo Mountain”, though little known, is not dangerous to humans. It is edible and is often cooked in the Caribbean or the United States.

The photos, which were shared on Janet’s Bear Facebook page on August 3, made it very fun for internet users to react quickly. Some people have gone so far as to distort it by photoshopping the animal’s dental instruments. One thing is for sure: these films have crossed US borders.

© Facebook Jennette’s Pier

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