October 7, 2022


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“This is not France’s responsibility.”

This is only one sentence in a testimony that lasted several hours, more than two months after the trial of the 20 people accused in the November 13 attacks began. However, this could revive an old Franco-Belgian controversy. Franுவாois Hollande, the former French president (2012-2017), was invited to the bar by civilian parties, especially to respond to allegations of intelligence activity and alleged “holes” in French policy against the Islamic State.

An impossible leak

After a public explanation, he was questioned about the flight of Salah Abdeslam to Brussels on the morning of November 14. The only person who escaped from the killer group was picked up by two friends from Molenbeek, Hamza Attu and Mohammed Amri (now charged in Paris). The trio then went to Belgium, and then an episode occurred, which was considered a major police “failure”.

The car was tested by French Gendermary at Hordain Doll on A2 at 9:10 a.m. on November 14th. All three were interrogated and told they were returning from a relative’s home in Barbase. After vain consultation with the Belgian and French files, Gendermary released them. Abdeslam was arrested in March 2016 in Belgium. How is this failure possible? Franுவாois Hollande said it was Belgium’s fault. “This fact is not the responsibility of France, it is the responsibility of another country.”

He didn’t say the name of Belgium, maybe he thought it was obvious. When asked later about the potential shortcomings of international cooperation, he added: “Other European countries have not initiated the necessary reforms to increase their level of surveillance.” The fight, revived by words closed by the former French president, echoes the already highly acidic exchanges between the commissions of inquiry held in Belgium in the months following the attacks.


On the French side, Salah Abdeslam (who was interrogated in Belgium) in February 2015 was not declared a potential terrorist, but we regret the file shared among most Europeans only as a potential culprit in the Schengen Information System (SIS). Fonts. French lawmakers say this allowed him to escape arrest. Unlike Interpol reports, the Belgians responded in their parliamentary statement that this Schengen practice was underused. However, Salah Abdeslam was registered as a potential terrorist by Belgium in Interpol in February 2015, and the list was not discussed by the French. The Belgian delegation concludes: “Our services were not negligent in any way, and no wrongdoing was committed. The day was exploited late.

Theory Love / ALP

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