November 30, 2022


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This moving photo of a Syrian father and his son was selected as the best photo of the year

Each year, the Siena International Photo Awards reward the most beautiful photographs taken around the world. This new edition honors photographer Mehmood Aslan and his amazing shot showing his father hugging his son, photo of the year of choice. April 2021 was a rare moment when he was an indestructible accomplice.

Entitled “The Test of Life,” this photo accurately illustrates the catastrophic consequences of the war still raging in Syria, as the father of Syrian descent was found to have only one leg. Unfortunately he was injured in a bomb attack in Idlib in 2016 or 2017. His son Mustafa, whom he gently holds in his hands, was born without arms or legs from a disease brought on by drugs. His mother was forced. Normally a prohibited weapon should be taken after exposure to saree gas.

So electric prostheses will be needed to get around Mustafa. The most expensive prostheses are available in Europe, but they are not yet available in Turkey, where the Syrian family has taken refuge. The photographer hopes that her work will raise awareness about the issues facing the family and get the support she needs.

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