August 9, 2022


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This statue, considered the most glamorous, is controversial in Italy: “a crime against women”

A small controversy shakes up a section of public opinion in Italy. The reason? The official opening ceremony of a statue that is not popular with everyone in Ceylon, Campania. The photos showed on Italian media and social networks: the woman was so sexually depicted that her dress fell squarely between her buttocks.

This is a collection of Sabri, a well-respected local story from the 19the Century, Describe the courier Della Serra. Some are shocked. “This is a crime against women and the history she should celebrate. “, Wrote Laura Boldrini, a former speaker and member of the Democratic Party, on Twitter. “But how can companies accept the representation of women as a sexual body? Male chauvinism is one of the evils of Italy.“, She continues.

The artist, sculptor Emanuel Stefano, defends himself: “If it had been for me”, He writes on Facebook, “I would have done a full nude figure, and I’m going to go to Palinuro a few years ago and the statues I’m going to make in the future because I’m usually a lover of the human body and I like to work with him. However, I think it’s useless to explain it to anyone who wants to see degeneration.”

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