October 7, 2022


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Three employees of a school canteen steal half of the children’s food for a year

The three women will be summoned to court at the end of October by municipal agents in Coterville, Sean-Maritime, France. They stole food dedicated to school children for at least a year. Refers to franceinfo. They were arrested in September and are currently suspended. All three women must appear before the Disciplinary Council.

Many children complained that there was not enough to eat, and their parents reported their dissatisfaction to the mayor. After a year of investigation, Goddard Mayor Frederick Carlier is in shock. He will not have “After 30 years of service, I have never believed that children can enjoy stealing food dedicated to them.”, he said. “We have many, many, many complaints from parents.”, The mayor explains to France Blue Normandy, Without giving an exact figure.

Ledia, one of the mothers who complained to the mayor, initially doubted the veracity of her two children’s statements. So she spent a whole month comparing menus and what the kids said they ate. Results: “My daughter always had half of the diet: starter or dessert. Half meat. If there were green vegetables with potatoes, there were no potatoes.”, Tells this mom.

Were these women in the canteen in financial trouble? “These are the people who work“, The mayor explains to France Blue Normandy with suspicion.”We were told the period was difficult. I would like to apologize to parents and children.

Since then, the mayor and his deputies have served in the canteen before appointing the other three agents. So, the municipality pays six salaries for three new agents and three suspended women.

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