March 21, 2023


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Thrilling witnesses from the survivors of the Paris attacks: one of them speaks directly to Salah Abdaslam

Nothing makes senseDuring the investigation into the November 13 attacks, victims during a massacre in Guerrilla, one of the bars targeted by jihadist commandos, said Wednesday was their “meeting with death.”We were in a crowd of friends. Carillon is our headquarters“, Maya announces at the Paris special court bar, her big dark green shirt, childish face.

She sat with Amin in the 10th Palace on the terrace of this building, an architect like her, next. “My friend, my boyfriend, then my husband“Twin sisters Charlotte and Emily are beautiful, funny, companions” and Mehdi. “There were five of us, I was 27 and they were 29. That evening, we talked about a party we had been hosting for 30 years.“She said, her eyes reddening with tears.”Neither Amino nor Emilio nor Charlotte celebrated their 30th birthday“.

She says softly, her voice trembling a little. On the benches of civil parties, a man cries. He was an employee at Guerrilla. When the shooting started, “I think they were hidden under the desks when they fell under the bulletsMaya continues.I try to curl up as much as possible. I feel shock in my legs but I do not feel pain. not yet“Her legs are deformed and she will have to undergo several surgeries. Mehdi will be seriously injured.

“Their eyes”

I know it’s death, because there’s a man behind me, his suffocating breath, he hears a moan, I know it’s his last moments. “. Her voice trembles again. “It’s very close, but I do not know who it is. I did not see it. “

Then, silence. Then the words of the Redeemer, still echo in his head today. “Conscious people first, conscious people first“. She’s looking for Amin.”I knew immediately that he was not. It was his eyes. I did not see the blood, the injuries, the nine projectiles did not see his lungs, liver, heart. All I see is his eyes, blank vision, nothing. I knew he was dead“.

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She pauses for a moment, then her voice breaks. “Her grief was so strong that I could not grieve my friends“.

“Seven Bullets”

Encountering death is an experience that isolates a lot“Florian testified that, in light brown, hands crossed across his body, he experienced” murder “in Caroline.”Nothing makes sense“In these attacks, it was” nice “to be able to release a 24-year-old student and testify without a” revenge attitude. ”

Olivier, who was wounded by a bullet in the hand on the Carillon terrace, did not face the court of “joy of the heart.” “I don’t want to come“, He says. But he is particularly indebted to it “Sebastien, he died with seven bullets in his body“, He declares.

Since the beginning of the investigation, “We hear ‘a hundred bullets, six bullets fired …’ but we do not know how it is“, He says angrily. He stretches out his hand to the side, reflects the weapon, and shouts into the microphone:”Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom“.

The courtroom was seized. “That’s it, seven bullets. It destroys someone. It took four days to rebuild his body“.

Salah Aptaslam It’s nothing more than a small sludge

Taking the fighters “trash” and “brains burned with cannabis”, Olivier adds a word to the main culprit in the box, the only remaining member of the commandos. “Salah Apteslam, pretending to be a warrior, is nothing more than a little scum. I saw his brother doing it, he shot 20 year old girls, they were helpless.

At the end of his testimony, Salah Abdeslam’s lawyers protested. “I know there is emotion, there is suffering, but it is very hard for me to go through insults and abuse.“, s’agace Olivia Ronen.”nothing“Olivier’s lawyer responds. Martin Vettas, Salah Abdeslam’s second lawyer, stands up:”Poor little ghost, filth, isn’t it a shame?“.

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The president intervenes, threatens to stop the trial, and recalls that the main defendant was mostly grounded – “He said these terrorists were my brothers“, Jean-Louis Peiris recalled.He moderated his views against civil parties“.