August 17, 2022


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Total chaos at Kabul airport, at the hands of the Afghan Taliban

The Taliban entered Kabul after the lightning strike. President Ashraf Ghani has left the country. Many Afghans are trying to flee, causing total chaos at the airport in the capital.

Afghan government forces are in the hands of the Taliban this Monday following the collapse of President Ashraf Ghani’s overseas trip. Thousands of people are desperately trying to flee the country at Kabul airport in total chaos.

The rebels’ dazzling victory over the occupation of the presidential palace in Kabul on Sunday evening sparked scenes of monster panic at the capital’s airport. The Islamic movement, in an attempt to escape the new regime that is back in power after 20 years of war, has seen a wave of people moving towards what is the only way out of Afghanistan. Videos posted on social media showed scenes of complete panic Hundreds of people running near a U.S. military transport plane making taxis To get to the point of departure, some people madly try to hang on to its sides or on its wheels.

Others show thousands of people waiting in the driveway Bunches of young people, in particular, stuck to the gateways or stairs in an attempt to board the plane. In an attempt to control the crowd, US forces opened fire in the air, and no one had anything to fear from the Taliban’s promises.

On the other hand, the capital was quiet. The streets were not as crowded as the previous day Patrolled by armed Taliban, Who set up checkpoints. On their favorable Twitter accounts, the Taliban boasted that they were warmly welcomed in Kabul or that young girls would return to school as usual on Monday.

“Serve our Nation”

They also promised that thousands of militants would gather in the capital to ensure its safety. Now former President Ashraf Ghani has admitted he “won” after the Taliban left his country on Sunday evening.

In a video posted on social media, Taliban co-founder Mullah Abdul Gani Bhardar called for the regulation of his troops. “Now is the time to evaluate and prove We must show that we can serve our nation and ensure security and comfort in life“, he said.


The total defeat of the Afghan security forces was funded for 20 years with hundreds of billions of US dollars. In Ten daysThe militant Islamist movement launched an offensive in May as foreign forces began to withdraw, seizing control of almost all of Afghanistan. This Twenty years after being ousted by the US-led coalition Because he refused to extradite al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

The China The first country to say on Monday it wants to maintain “friendly relations” with the Taliban. The Russia He said his decision to recognize the new power depended on “his actions.” On the contrary, British Defense Minister Ben Wallace called the recognition of the Taliban regime “not the moment.” He called them back to power. “Failure of the international communityThe State Department and the Pentagon said the U.S. flag was removed from the U.S. embassy in Kabul early Monday morning and was “brought to safety with embassy staff” waiting outside the airport.

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Several Afghans created chaos at Kabul airport on Monday and tried to leave their country.

Fearing retaliation from the Taliban, the Americans have sent about 30,000 Americans to cooperate with the United States and 6,000 troops to protect the airport from Afghan civilians.

Bitter pill for Washington

Many diplomats and foreign nationals were evacuated from Kabul on Sunday. The UN Security Council will meet at 4 pm on Monday to discuss the situation in Afghanistan. The United States and 65 other countries called Afghanistan and foreigners want to leave Afghanistan “allowed to do so”It calls on the Taliban to “take responsibility” in this matter.

The government of US President Joe Biden has defended its decision to end the 20-year war, the longest-running in the United States. “This is not Saigon”US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen on Sunday promised on CNN that the fall of the Vietnamese capital in 1975 would be triggered. But the pill is bitter to Washington, whose image is deeply damaged and exposed 2,500 people have died and the bill is worth more than $ 2,000 billion.

Joe Biden explained that he did not want to “send” this war to those who came after him.

Many Afghans, mainly in the cities, fear that the Taliban will impose the same radical version of Islamic law only when they rule their country between 1996 and 2001. They repeatedly promised to respect human beings if they came to power. Rights, especially the rights of women, in accordance with “Islamic values”.