November 26, 2022


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Towards the third dose of the vaccine? More and more countries are preparing for it, what about Belgium?

The question of a third dose of the fast-spreading delta variant, the Kovit-19 vaccine, is being considered in many countries, especially in Europe. The purpose of this third dose is to ensure protection against new strains Current vaccines appear to be slightly less effective against the delta type. The idea is also to increase immunity against Govit-19, which can decrease after a certain period of time.

On the side of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, CEO Albert Powerla It was announced in April that a third dose may be needed six months to a year after the first two doses, before adding that an annual booster may be needed to ensure immunity against the virus.. Reported by our colleagues on CNNRecent studies by Pfizer show that a third dose can boost the immune system and protect against infections. Pfizer reports that two doses of the vaccine were effective in the first six months, although in some cases the immune system may weaken slightly at the end of this period.

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As for the modern vaccine, the company says soA third dose of vaccine and booster dose may provide better protection, especially against variants.

On the part of the World Health Organization, it is estimated that there is no scientific evidence suggesting that a booster dose is required beyond the initial recommended doses. While many around the world are waiting for the first injection, the WHO also condemns countries that are already thinking about a third dose.

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Finally, we will remember that too Pfizer / Bioendech and Moderna announced their presence Corona vaccine price hike in Europe as part of new agreement with EU. One reason given for explaining this increase is the modification of these vaccines, which are well suited for the most effective fight against variants.

In Europe

In our French neighbors, the The Directorate of Health recommends a third dose of vaccine (Modern or Pfizer) from April 11 for people with severe immunodeficiency. People with transplant surgery, cancer or dialysis are especially concerned. In his speech on July 13, President Emmanuel Macron announced itA withdrawal campaign will be set up from the first days of September so that the first vaccinated persons (in January and February) can benefit from the third dose.. The goal is to compensate for the loss of immunity and antibodies to these people.

In Germany, the Ministry of Health plans to give the third dose of the Govit-19 vaccine to the elderly and vulnerable from September 1st. These people can get one Booster shot by Pfizer / Bioentech or Modernna vaccines, regardless of the type of vaccine they have previously received. In any case, according to the text, what is offered in health institutions for individuals Elderly people sent to mobile vaccination teams.

United Kingdom, According to daily reports Telegraph, As of September 6, 32 million people could apply for a third dose of the vaccine. Up to 2.5 million doses can be administered each week.

In other parts of the world

And Israel, Patients with weakened immune systems can receive the third dose from July 12. A complementary vaccination campaign was also launched on Sunday, August 1st. It invites people over the age of 60 who have been vaccinated for more than six months to receive a third dose. President of Israel Isaac Herzog, 60, started the campaign by getting his third dose.

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In the United States, a third dose of the vaccine is not yet considered. Despite Pfizer’s claims about the effectiveness of the third dose, the data have not yet been reviewed and confirmed by the FDA, the U.S. Drug Administration. For now, the FDA is generally following its recommendations to Israel, not giving the elderly the green light to administer a third dose.

What about Belgium?

In Belgium, this is not a question of administering a third dose. According to the Flemish Health Minister Water bag, Our country would have ordered 23 million doses for the third injection. Discussions are ongoing on any issue on the part of scientists and politicians waiting for the results of future studies before making a decision.