March 21, 2023


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Train crash in Greece: Search underway

The train crash, which killed at least 57 people, was attributed to an error by the station master in Larissa, the city closest to the collision.

I amPolice raided the railway station in Greece’s Larissa on Friday morning as part of an investigation into the cause of the collision between two trains on Tuesday evening, a police spokesman told AFP.

“It is still ongoing. The police have seized all the documents that could help the investigation (…) “The train crash that killed at least 57 people is due to an error by the station master in Larissa. , the closest town to the site of the conflict.

The 59-year-old station master was arrested on Wednesday. He has been charged with “negligent murder” and “causing bodily harm”.

The disaster led to a rail strike on Thursday, which was renewed on Friday. Unions denounced underinvestment in Greek railways and “decades of weakness” by successive governments.

On Thursday evening, around 2,000 demonstrators gathered in Thessaloniki, where the demonstration degenerated into stone-throwing and Molotov cocktails. After a stormy first rally the day before, hundreds of people protested outside Athens-headquartered Hellenic Rail, which was bought in 2017 by Italian public group Ferrovi dello Stato Italiane (FS) as part of a privatization plan demanded by Greece’s creditors. Economic crisis (2009-2018). Residents of Larissa also protested, carrying placards reading “Victim of Privatization”.

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