November 26, 2022


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Trump, meanwhile, is in turmoil in 2024: among Republicans, the most radical views are gathering pace.

To take the heat of the Trump camp, there is nothing like the “Conservative Political Action Conference” in Dallas, Texas, where most Conservative Republicans gathered last weekend to meet.

Platform: Biden on the harsh criticism of the administration, Donald Trump’s appreciation, “stolen” endless talks at the presidential election, and vaccination against the customs.

“Everything was going well until this bad election!” “Four more years from the winning assembly!”

Of the 27 MPs who attended the rally, 24 voted against the certification of the results of the presidential election last November, which was won by Joe Biden.

The most moderate comments from Republicans, for example, 2012 presidential candidate Senator Mitt Romney, who carefully avoided the meeting, are now absolutely convinced of Donald Trump’s cause. Like the rising stars of the American right, like Ron DeSantis, the governor of the Republican Party of Florida.

With just over a year to go before the “interim” or “interim elections” that are decisive for the Biden administration with a very weak parliamentary majority, the party’s worst faction always seems to be giving tone.

For example, by starting a wide-ranging discussion on certain school subjects or racism surrounding racism, “culture of destruction” may involve the exclusion of people who are considered unacceptable, or, according to its opponents, rewriting events or artwork in light of progressive ideas.

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy is working to undermine a Democratic-led parliamentary committee set up to investigate the January 6 attack on Capitol Hill by a crowd of former presidents’ supporters.

So far he has not ordered any calls after the most outrageous trips. Elected Republican Lauren Bopertin accused the Biden administration of sending “syringe Nazis” to promote vaccination in his state of Colorado.

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“Eighteen Months of Confusion”

Many Republicans have little interest in playing the traditional game of parliamentary opposition in Washington, let alone compromise with Democrats.

“18 more months of chaos and blockade, that’s all we need,” Republican-elected official Chip Roy announced in a recent press release that appeared to be recorded without his knowledge.

And be wary of those who do not pledge allegiance to the former president.

In Ohio, J.T. Vance – the author of a top seller about the United States in the grip of a devaluation campaign that promoted Netflix production (“an American oat) – understood it well.

The former president is a “leader of this movement,” a politician who once criticized a Republican millionaire told Time. “I want to swallow my pride and support him.”

Disagreements like Adam Kinsinger’s are increasingly rare, or less and less audible.

“Either you + the zombie of the Maga + thinking model (note” Make America Great Again “, or” Make America Greater Again, Donald Trump’s Top Slogan “… or you stand up and tell the truth in January that your elected Republican voted in favor of the indictment against the former president .

The most comfortable score on Sunday was 70% at the end of a poll conducted among radical conservatives gathered in Dallas to find out what their favorites are in the 2024 presidential election.