January 30, 2023


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Turkey, Greece and Siberia were photographed from the sky

Look at the scale on the bottom left of the image above. This is a testament to the extent of the fires currently burning in southern Turkey. Apparently, the smoke trails east of Andalia are more than a hundred kilometers long. These images were taken by the Landsat 8 Earth observation satellite on July 31, 2021. These are NASA’s Earth Laboratory This indicates that no filter or readout was used.

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On July 31, 2021, Landsat 8 Active Landscape Imager (OLI) took natural color images of fires near the coastal cities of Alanya and Manavkat. AS NASA


After a heat wave and several months of dry weather, Turkey faces the worst wildfire in years. In the last seven days, more than 130 wildfires have been reported in 30 Turkish provinces. Most of the fires started in the Mediterranean and Aegean beaches, especially in the resorts of Antalya, Mughal and Marmaris.

In Greece, the area around the ancient Olympus is on fire

These images were taken by Copernicus, TheHe is a European plan to develop European Earth observation capability. Here again, the smoke path proves the importance of the wild island that has been raging since July 4th. In the municipality of ancient Olympia In western Greece, large pine forests and rural areas were burning.

6 pictures

Greece and Turkey as seen from the sky: red, fire. AS NASA

This photo (above) was captured this Thursday, August 5th. Take a good look (maybe zoom in) and you’ll see small red dots: they represent sources of fire. Smoke is clearly visible on Ubi Island, the Peloponnese and southwestern Turkey. Here again, the emitting smoke tracks are several hundred kilometers long. We also see a new eruption starting north of Athens.

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Smoke billows across southern Greece © NASA

Another image was taken this Thursday, shortly before this day by the Terra satellite. This is another scrolling satellite of NASA’s Modis program, which constantly scans the world.

In Siberia, even bigger fire

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In Siberia, even bigger fire. AS NASA

And then this time, in Siberia, the other big fire is burning. The smoke is huge, dark and can be distinguished from the white clouds in this picture captured on Thursday, August 5th. These vortices extend nearly 3,000 km across Russia, and may reach North America via the Arctic in the coming days, c.As shown in this simulation of the Copernicus project. A threat around the world, some experts believe.

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