March 21, 2023


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Two former French police officers have tried again for raping a Canadian

During the first trial in January 2019, former members of the Valuable Research and Intervention Brigade (PRI), Antoine Guerin, 42, and Nicholas Redouane, 51, were convicted of raping Emily Spontane, now 41.

In its judgment, the Paris Assis Court presented the victim’s “consistent statements” and the defendants ruled that the “growing deposits (…) were not very credible”.

The court took into account the “specific attraction of acts against a woman under the influence of alcohol” and the “place to dictate the facts”, which was then the seat of the judicial police. Capital.

The two officers were met by Emily Spontane on April 22, 2014 at a pub near Ile de la City.

Beer, whiskey, alcohol flowed freely and the atmosphere was active. After midnight, Canadian, highly alcoholic and PRI police officers went to “36, Qui des Orberes” for a night visit.

“I was very drunk and in this state I could not see myself returning to the hotel. I thought I would be safe by going to a police station,” he explained to investigators, recalling that his father himself was a police officer. In Canada.

But at 2 a.m., P.J. Shocked to leave campus, Emily Spontane immediately condemned a gang rape. Allegations denied by the accused.

The police “acted like soldiers”, first denouncing Attorney General Philip Goro.

“Specific Facts”

“That evening, they were not police, but incompetent, and behaved like they were being chased,” the magistrate concluded. “On that night from April 22 to 23, at the PRI campus, it was my closest belief that Emily Spontane was not actually admitting to sexual acts.”

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After three weeks of reconsideration, Mr. Redouane assures one of his lawyers, Pascal Garberini, that he will “firmly challenge the charges against him.”

“It is unacceptable that unsubstantiated and unsubstantiated allegations are sufficient to prove a man guilty,” he said the day before the trial, believing that “the current context of the #Metoo movement will be lost on file.”

In the first case, the “scientific and technical elements”, including DNA expertise and telephone analysis, however weakened the accused’s version.

First, the forensic examination of the victim, which revealed a traumatic gynecological ulcer. Or this compromise message sent by Nicholas Redone to a colleague: “+ Ca est un touseuse (gangpong, editor’s note), send +”.

“Defendants were convicted on the basis of specific facts: DNA, telephone, video surveillance, this is not a case against the word,” assures Emily Spontane’s lawyer, Ms Sophie Obadia, of her role. “My client has never differed in his statements and is trustworthy.”

Emily Spontane will return at trial.

In a recent interview with Elle magazine from Canada, he explained that seven years later, he still has a “sense of insecurity” and still lives with his parents.

“I was 34 at the time of the incident and I am 41 today. I had to accept the idea that I would never have children,” he said.

Judgment is expected on July 8.