February 3, 2023


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Two men convicted in the Malcolm X murder case have been released after 50 years

Five decades of damage was repaired. A New York judge released two African-American men on Thursday, one of whom died in 2009 and was convicted of the 1965 murder of black activist Malcolm X 50 years ago. Justice “Norman 3X Butler’s Mohamed Aziz’s sentence, now 83 years old and appearing in New York Supreme Court, was acquitted by Khalil Islam alias Thomas 15X Johnson, who died in 2009, after a request was made by Judge Ellen Biben, a New York attorney. Cyrus Vance and Defense .

A Netflix documentary

“Lawyers disclose it during a twenty-two-month trial conducted jointly by the Attorney General’s Office and two attorneys.”, FBI and New York Police (NYPD) “Hidden key evidence, if known, could have led to the release of both men”, New York writes daily.

In February 2020, after a documentary aired on Netflix (“Who Killed Malcolm X?”), Cyrus Vance asked his crew to reconsider the file. The series explores a theory that both are innocent and that some of the real killers have escaped.

No physical evidence

Malcolm X, a historian during the civil rights struggle in the United States, became known as the chief spokesman for the social organization “Nation of Islam” and urged black people to claim their civil rights. “Necessary in every way”.

He then broke with the “Nation of Islam” a year before he was shot. On February 21, 1965, he began a talk in the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem. Khalid Islam, Muhammad A. Aziz and a third man, Mujahid Abdul Halim – two later known as Norman Butler and Thomas Hagan – were convicted of murder in March 1966 and sentenced to life in prison.

At the time, Hogan admitted he was one of three gunmen who shot a political activist. However, he said neither Aziz nor Islam was involved. Both trusted Alibis in 1966 and said they were innocent. No physical evidence linked them to the crime. They “It has nothing to do with this crime.”Hagan reiterated in an affidavit in 1977. The latter identified two more, but no one else was arrested. Hagan was granted parole in 2010.

Secret agents

According to New York Times, The new investigation found that the FBI had documents pointing to other suspects. There is also one witness who is still alive, who sustained a leg injury at the time of the shooting and confirmed that he was at home, confirming Aziz’s alibi. Never questioned by police, the witness was identified only by the initials “JM”, and the newspaper said he called the latter’s landline on the day of the murder and spoke with Aziz. A review of the case further clarifies that the secret agents were in the ballroom when the footage exploded, not disclosing to the attorneys in charge of the case.

This judicial twist reinforces the study of the dark role played by the FBI and the New York Police at the time.

In February 2021, the post-mortem and indictment letter of a police officer was released and Malcolm X’s daughters have already demanded that the investigation be reopened. Police say two of his bodyguards were arrested a few days before the assassination, at the request of Malcolm X’s entourage, in a bid to weaken security around the black leader.

And the police found out that someone had called Daily News The New Yorker earlier today warned them that Malcolm X would be killed. “It simply came to our notice then, Said New York Times Deborah Franą®šois, Advocate of Aziz and Islam. This is the result of a serious and total official error. ”

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