December 8, 2022


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Two women were found near the body of the dead mother, and here it is

Last week, two girls, aged 5 and 7, were admitted to hospital and then handed over to Children’s Social Assistance (ASE), after spending several days near the body of their mother who died naturally in an apartment in Le Mans. School officials complained to police and prosecutors that the two girls had not been there for a long time. Last Wednesday, police finally went to the family home in the famous Sublone County, Le Mans.

“We should not make noise, Mom is asleep,” the women replied, confirming the Daily Le Maine Libre’s information, according to the lawsuit. Police forcibly later found their mother’s body. The woman, who was born in C டிte d’Ivoire in 1990 and suffered from health problems, died of natural causes, according to the results of an autopsy ordered by a lawyer.

This Monday, the France Blue news site returned to the difficult circumstances in which this family lives. The number of girls coming to school has increased in recent months. The family was “already being pursued by social workers especially for financial problems” and the mother justified the absence of many of her daughters by “the need to go and rest with her family”, we can read in France Blue.

On September 20, following a long absence, the administrative staff of two girls’ schools issued a statement to the public prosecutor. In the days that followed, members of the police and school administration knocked on the door of the family apartment several times, but no answer was forthcoming.

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The mother could not be reached by phone, and on September 29, police returned to the scene. The day the girls who thought their mother was asleep welcomed them …