December 8, 2022


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Two Yemeni Siamese children escaped danger after secession in Jordan

Two Yemeni Siamese children, Ahmed and Mohammed, were successfully separated in a delicate operation in Jordan and they have a chance of survival.The better“, The chairman of the surgical team announced on Sunday.

This “Rare and subtle function“This is the first time in Jordan,” said Dr. Fawzi al-Hammuri, director of the Amman Specialist Hospital.It was a medical victory for the whole kingdom“.

The intervention took place in July when the two Siamese were seven months old. But before the medical team could announce it they wanted to wait until they were out of danger.

They were transferred to the intensive care unit and were on artificial respiration for some time. We wanted to be 100% sure that the surgery was completed successfully“Before reporting it,” Dr. Hammury explained.

The babies are so healthy that they can leave the Kingdom of Jordan in two or three weeks“, Said the head of the surgical team.”They have a better chance of survival and they are now out of danger.

It took eight hours to separate the two Siamese under the supervision of Dr. Hammuri, which included 25 surgeons and technical consultants.

Two Siamese children were evacuated on a medical plane with their parents last February after health services were devastated by a seven-year war between rebels and the authorities in Yemen, a poor country on the Arabian Peninsula.

The two boys, who were born in mid-December in the Yemeni capital Sanaa, were in critical condition.

When they arrived in Jordan, the children weighed only 3.7 kilograms“Dr. Hammury said.”It is necessary to wait until their weight reaches nine kilograms before proceeding with the operation.

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