November 30, 2022


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U.S. frustration is growing over the weakness of Afghan forces and the speed of the Taliban

Joe Biden’s United States is showing more and more their frustration and even their frustration with the inability of Afghan forces to counter the Taliban attack, and Washington’s specific defeat after 20 years in Afghanistan.

The U.S. president sent a clear warning to authorities in Kabul on Tuesday, promising not to regret his decision to withdraw his troops from the country during the war.

Afghans “Willingness to Fight”, “For themselves, for their nation”, Said Joe Biden.

He said the United States has “Spending over $ 1000 billion over twenty years, with training and facilities […] More than 300,000 Afghan soldiers “ They are “More than the Taliban” Numbers are exaggerated in the eyes of many viewers.

U.S. Diplomatic Spokesman Netflix added that the Afghan military has ruled that “Energy” For “Causing more loss“, Participant”This idea that the progress of the Taliban cannot be stopped.

At the Pentagon, we urge Kabul to finally use it. “Superiority: “They have the air force, not the Taliban; they have modern weapons and organizational capabilities, not the Taliban.”

The morale of the troops

As government forces continued to be defeated and insurgents seized several provincial capitals, small music was on the rise for several days.

This is a “trend” “Deep Concern” Washington officials, though initially refusing to publicly admit that they were stunned at the start of the congestion.

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“They are right, the Afghan government can do a lot more.”, AFP told Carter Malcolm that the former head of the U.S. Department of Defense was now an expert at the CNA consulting firm in Afghanistan.

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Cross sections and go “forward”

According to him, the Afghan ruling class must set an example by overcoming its proverbial divisions and, above all, sending “the best military leaders ahead.”

Andrew Watkins, of the International Crisis Group, a conflict prevention organization, also describes the over-centralized Afghan bureaucracy as blocking or delaying the flow of funds and equipment to local pro-Taliban forces.

“While Washington says political unity is needed, they think that all Gani and ex-combatants should set aside their factions and cooperate.”, He explains.

Biden continues

The two experts want to see President Ghani ‘s visit on Wednesday to the siege of the big city in northern Afghanistan by rebels, and he met with powerful warrior Abdul Rashid Dostam as the first sign of his desire to regain control. .

For the Biden administration, this is a question that justifies an irreversible decision: If support for the Afghan military continues, there is no question of questioning the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

The 46th President of the United States argues that it is better to stay for a while, as requested by some opponents and military officials “The recipe for staying there forever”.

An identity failure?

But the argument of the incompetence or betrayal of the powers in Kabul was also against the Americans, who spent twenty rupees, training and arming an army.

One of the main arguments put forward by researcher Anthony Cortesman in this week’s Think Tank Center for Strategic and International Studies report on the causes of “failure” in Afghanistan is this “failure to create efficient Afghan forces.”

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“The United States is very confident about the administration of the Afghan government, military progress and the creation of effective Afghan security forces.”, He writes.

“Change must have happened a month, a year, many years ago”Andrew Watkins also sighed in fear that it was “too late” now.