December 8, 2022


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UK anti-tax Pierce Corbin buys fake 10,000 bribe to stop criticizing AstroGeneca

The bigger it is, the more acceptable it is. Did Pierce Corbin, a well-known health activist, conspiracy theorist and leader of the British anti-tax movement, agree to change his speech for 10,000 or almost ,000 13,000? Whatever the YouTube video showing of Josh Peters, it is already known to have trapped many English celebrities, including Pierce Corbyn accepting the amount he believes in as a pledge of his peace from Astrogeneka.

“Archie Manors and Antivox Pierce Corp. agreed to accept 10,000, considering he came from Astrogenjica to stop criticizing the vaccine. Except for the monopoly tickets, we recorded it.”Josh Peters explained on Twitter when the video was released.

In the video, English YouTuber explains how the meeting was organized with the help of his partner Archie Manors. The two first proposed a meeting with an English businessman who said his organization wanted to donate to the anti-campaign. During the meeting, Josh Peters claims to be the son of an investor who made a fortune in a chain of restaurants in South Africa. He also promises that his family will hold stakes in the AstraZeneca drug alliance.

“This is awesome”

We have common interests. We came up with something to confirm our purpose. “He promises during the meeting, while Archie Manners picks up the 10,000 envelope. Pierce Corbyn looks amazing. “Wow. Amazing then he continues:”Until I accept it without emphasizing policy changes or whatever I do …The discussion continued and Corbyn did not deny the money, although he declared that his speech would not be affected by a single sum of money.

Throughout the discussion, however, it was pointed out that the Eustophers donation may motivate enthusiasts to reduce criticism of the Astrogenega vaccine and focus on the Pfizer and Modern vaccines instead. He half-heartedly agrees before saying that there is an advantage to this vaccine.A messenger RNA vaccine, which causes magnetic thingsBefore carrying the envelope, the businessman says he would not say where the bribe came from if the money came from AstraZeneca.

Since the video was released, Pierce Corbyn has promised that it will “Largely edited with dishonest comments“And passed quietly”Its many statements, according to which all donations we accept are unconditionally accepted“.”We will not change our speech. “ Confirm Lee Lever Antivox. “I told these cheaters that all Govt vaccines are dangerous and will not change what we talk about vaccines and vaccine passport.“. Anyway, the queue will make people laugh across the channel.

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