December 8, 2022


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UK postpones relaxation for 4 weeks: “We are very concerned about delta variation”

Summer in the United Kingdom is worse: Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday decided to postpone anti-Govt restrictions for the last four weeks in the UK, hoping the vaccine could stem the rising tide of delta variation.

The European country most affected by the epidemic (nearly 128,000 deaths) was able to regain many of the freedoms it had previously lost in the spring, thanks to long imprisonment and a highly effective vaccination campaign.

The sharp decline seen in recent weeks, pollution is rising to 2,000 to 7,000 per day and hospitalization is starting to increase, even though the number of deaths per day is low, the appearance of excitement in the face of the virus is cloudy 10. This trend is due to the delta variation initially detected in India, now dominating the country And 96% represent new cases.

Boris Johnson, who has long been reluctant to make time for himself and avoid worsening the course, told the press on Monday that he had made the “tough decision” to postpone June 21 to July 19, the last phase of his restructuring plan for the UK (each having its own calendar in the kingdom).

The latter must be at the end of the limit for six indoor meetings, authorized to serve in pubs and theaters to operate at full capacity.

The only offer is that wedding receptions will no longer be limited to 30 guests until June 21st.

Boris Johnson argued that “we can not continue (…) when there is a real chance that more than one virus will be vaccinated and thousands of deaths will follow.”

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He explained that he wanted to give the health service “some important weeks” to continue the vaccination.

Economic implications

“We need to be clear that the coyote simply cannot be removed and we must learn to live with it,” he warned, believing that the immunization campaign should allow it.

The goal is to give the first dose to all adults, including those over 50 and those at risk, and two-thirds to two-thirds of adults by July 19.

Currently, almost 80% of adults receive a single dose, but only 57% receive two doses.

According to studies by British health officials, vaccines against the symptomatic forms of the delta variant are less effective than other types with a single dose, but two-dose Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccines are more than 90% against hospitalization.

“We are in the race against the virus and vaccines must take the lead,” said Patrick Valens, the government’s scientific adviser.

The postponement announced on Monday is very popular among the public and worries the situation is getting worse: according to a study by the Yukov Institute, 71% of those questioned are in favor and 54% of 18-24 year olds are at low risk. .

However, Mr. It provokes the anger of a section of Johnson’s conservative camp, raised against endless attacks on freedoms, and unrest in relevant economic and cultural circles.

The UK Hospitality Hotel and Catering Federation has estimated the sector’s deficit at three billion pounds (3.5 billion euros), postponing the end of a month’s refurbishment, and asking the general public to worry about “a bad effect on bookings in the summer and fall”.

The Night Time Industry Association, which represents nightlife, estimates that a quarter of companies in the industry will not go on strike for another month without new support. He fears that workers will leave these companies permanently.

Famous composer Andrew Lloyd Weber, whose songs such as “Cats” or “The Phantom of the Opera” have been huge successes in London and New York, has already warned: he plans to reopen his theater to begin his “Cinderella” production, even if it means that prison is in danger.