May 17, 2022


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Ukraine accuses French company of selling equipment used to kill civilians in Bautista

“One family tried to escape, they were killed by Russian assassins. French weapons were sold in 2015 to circumvent sanctions, as has now been proven.”Mikhaïlo Podolyak, an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky, said on Twitter.

Thales, questioned by the AFP, did not avoid sanctions against Russia. “Thales has always complied with French and international rules, including the use of 2014 European sanctions against Russia.”The committee said. “No defense equipment export agreement has been signed with Russia since 2014 and no supplies have been made to Russia since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine.”Thales says it has decided to suspend its operations in Russia.

Equipment labeled “Made in Russia”

In his release, Mr. Bodolyak broadcasts a video of a Ukrainian blogger Pavlo Kachuk analyzing the damage to the car in which the body of a woman killed in Bouௌa, near Q, was found.

“How can poorly trained Russian soldiers shoot so accurately with post-Soviet equipment?” He wonders. “The answer was found in Warsaw (town near Bootsaw, editorial note), where our troops seized the PMD-4 armored vehicles after the Russian withdrawal.”. These armored vehicles are fitted “Fire control systems allow them to be fired with great accuracy regardless of weather, wind or time of day. The components and technology were sold by the French company to the Russian Federation.”The blogger continues.

Shows a heat camera claiming to have been recovered from an abandoned Russian tank. 06/16 Thales logo with date and note visible there Made in Russia.

“It assembles in Russia under license”The blogger blames. “This is one of several projects that will allow French companies to avoid the ban.”

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The allegations follow allegations made by the online media in mid-March that France supplied Russia with military equipment, including heat cameras, between 2015 and 2020, following European sanctions following the annexation of Crimea to Moscow.

The Armed Forces Ministry responded that the agreements were concluded before the sanctions imposed in July 2014 and that France had the right to conclude under them. So-called “grandfather rule”.