December 8, 2022


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“Ukraine offers better resistance than the Russians could have imagined”: Our experts explain the second night of the fighting

“The invasion began only yesterday,” explains Nicholas Koset, an expert in Russia. The current goals of the Russians are not yet clear, but he hopes the fighting will intensify. “The Ukrainian government is in contact with both military and civilian targets. The casualties appear to have occurred. I can not describe the exact extent of the damage, but it is clear that Kiev will realize the seriousness of its presence in a few hours or days.

According to Sebastien Cobert, by intensifying the military presence in Ukraine in this way, multiple scenarios on the Russian side are possible. “One is that he seeks to fully annex Ukraine, but that it may seem impossible, but on the other hand, the invasion seemed impossible a few days ago. It is necessary to create conditions that are acceptable to the people.

President Zelensky this Friday morning pointed out that he did not feel the help of other countries, and our experts believe that the Ukrainian military can provide a good resistance against its Russian neighbors. “They already have many victories in the north and east, and were able to recapture the airport at night. We do not know how long the military will be able to withstand the unfavorable balance of power, but President Zhelensky is currently fighting to preserve the survival of his state,” Sebastien Cobert explained.

“There is armed resistance only at the level of the territory’s voluntary regional security forces. At the moment, the Ukrainian military offers a good deal of resistance, which is bigger than initially imagined in Russian plans,” said Nicholas Goethe.

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The situation is not the same as it was during the war in Georgia in August 2008, the expert agrees. “There we had to deal with a month-long explosive battle with Russia, which went by sea and through the tunnels of the North Caucasus. Here Russia falls against a country of a completely different nature than Georgia. Ukraine is very large and densely populated.”

According to Nicholas Cossack, who believes the war in Georgia is an example for Ukraine, the surprising effect of the Russians was ultimately not great. It was quite possible that there was a product on the part of the Ukrainian with the US Secret Service and many European countries, many scenes imagined. The invasion took place “