February 3, 2023


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United Kingdom: Faced with turmoil, Boris Johnson chooses to flee

The Prime Minister did not attend the debate on the British Parliament’s Standards and Rules of Conduct. Last week, a referendum annulling the suspension of a Tory MP accused of campaigning was canceled.

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FAccepting the allegations of the opposition, Boris Johnson refused to apologize. Tory MP The Prime Minister did not attend the emergency debate held yesterday, as the British Parliament has been in turmoil for a week due to a conduct problem and a referendum imposed by the government to save him. People’s Assembly. Boris Johnson went to a hospital in Northumberland in the north of the UK for a long time and explained that the trip could not be canceled. His role as leader of the Conservative Party, however, was central to the debate. The Prime Minister last week ordered a vote against a report that MP Over Patterson will be suspended from the House of Commons for 30 days for forcing two private companies. The referendum rejected the opposition’s condemnation of the humiliation in parliament.

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