February 3, 2023


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United Kingdom: The wave of injections for drug students in nightclubs

After GHP on drinks and injections: A wave of college girls witnesses through careless doping in nightclubs in the United Kingdom, where police have seized more than 100 cases and made the first arrests.

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LBritish police announced on Friday that they had arrested three people suspected of trying to deliver illegal items to youths with needles, following a wave of student witnesses claiming to have taken drugs in nightclubs.

The practice of adding drugs to a victim’s drink has been known for many years. But in recent days, many young women and some young people have condemned attacks using hypodermic needles in bars or nightclubs, which has caused fear in the UK.

Police in Nottinghamshire, north of England, have arrested two people as part of an investigation into incidents of ‘needle sticks’ in the city.

“With the intent to cause harm or injury”

The 18- and 19-year-olds are suspected of planning to give the drug “with the intent of harming, annoying or injuring them,” police said, adding that there have been “suspected complaints of being bitten” since Sept. 12. Sharp object in nightclubs “

In neighboring Lincolnshire, police arrested a 35-year-old man on suspicion of possession of drugs early in the morning after enlisting the help of nightclub staff.

Waking up with vague memories

Evidence has mushroomed after two Nottingham University students spoke to the British media about their needle marks and wounds on their skin.

Zara Owen, a newcomer, described waking up after a night out with vague memories and sharp pain in her leg, where she saw a stab.

Sarah Buckle, a second-grader, was taken to hospital by her friends after she collapsed suddenly at night. She found a wound on her hand with a dark mark in the center she showed on Channel 4 News.

As police prepare for a series of boycotts of some nightclubs and bars, British police say they are investigating dozens of such attacks, calling for increased security at the entrance and better security.

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