February 3, 2023


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United States: A gunman kills five people before being shot

On Monday afternoon, the police told the police on the midnight press conference that the person was shot in many places in Denver and Lakwood.

The gunman first opened fire at a tattoo parlor in Denver, killing two women and injuring one, city police told a news conference Tuesday.

The gunman then drove to a Denver apartment, where he struck a man outside with a deadly gun.

He then traveled to Lakewood, where he shot another man at a green parlor, police said, before he entered a hotel where he fired several shots at a receptionist, who also died.

Using information from the first attack, Lockheed police were able to identify the culprit, and he moved back.

“Shots were then exchanged with our agents” and “the shooter (…) was shot,” Lockwood police spokesman John Romero said Monday evening, adding that the fire teacher was “pronounced dead at the scene.” .

John Romero said Tuesday that the Lakewood police woman who shot and killed the suspect, who was touched during the exchange of fire, should have undergone an operation, but “she’s fine.”

“As far as we know, the culprit seems to have targeted specific individuals,” Denver police said.

According to its chairman, Paul Bassen, investigators have not yet established the motive for the attacks.

“We are very quick with the investigation,” he said.

In a country where the right to own a gun is constitutionally guaranteed, shooting incidents continue to be atrocious.

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