September 30, 2022


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United States: QAnon followers gather in hopes of JFK’s dead son returning

John F., who died in a plane crash 22 years ago. Followers of the QAnon conspiracy movement gathered in Dallas, Texas on Tuesday in hopes of seeing Kennedy’s son reappear.

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AIn the United States at 1 p.m., in 1963, President John F. Hundreds of people gathered at Deely Plaza in downtown Dallas, where Kennedy was assassinated.

One of the theories propagated by the QAnon nebula was that of John F., son of “JFK”. Kennedy Jr., along with his wife Carolyn and his brother-in-law Lauren, died in a plane crash at sea in 1999. The state of Massachusetts was scheduled to reappear at noon to announce Donald Trump’s return to the presidency of the United States.

“King of Kings”

A release released Monday on the QAnon account confirmed that Donald Trump should become “king of kings”.

Alas, the revelation did not happen, and after a few hours, the rain scattered the last supporters of QAnon.

Chris Murphy, a Democratic senator from Connecticut, responded on Twitter by saying, “It’s not funny that a huge crowd gathered to see him reappear after the simulated death of JFK Jr..”

“This is a very worrying sign of how the political debate has completely deviated from the truth,” he stressed.

A plot

The 2017 US-born QAnon movement derives its name from the intriguing news released by a specific “Q” who is considered a senior US official close to former US President Donald Trump.

The QAnon Nebula, in particular, is a supporter of the theory that Joe Biden and the Democrats are part of a global satanic and pedophile conspiracy.

Over the years, these theories have convinced more and more Americans that the FBI is monitoring this far-right group, which is considered dangerous. Several QAnon activists were present at the meeting that attacked Capitol on January 6.

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