August 9, 2022


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United States: The plane was changed after it caused panic on the passenger plane

A Delta airline has been diverted to the United States after an incident with a passenger.

U.S.A plane from Los Angeles was scheduled to fly again Friday night, causing panic on the plane after a passenger threatened to “dive” the plane, Delta and officials said Saturday.

“Thanks to the crew and crew of Delta Flight 1730 (from Los Angeles to Atlanta) who helped outrun the unruly passengers when the plane was diverted to Oklahoma,” an airline spokesman said in a statement.

The plane had to make an emergency landing in Oklahoma City, where passengers were “pulled off the plane (by police),” the spokesman added.

Oklahoma City Police were quoted by the media as saying they were “going to take the plane down.”

“It was surreal. I’m so thankful it did not end badly,” passenger Benjamin Curley told CNN.

According to him, the pilot called the microphone “all healthy people” and gave the crew a hand to control the problem.

Mr. Passengers quoted by Curley described the man as “very inappropriate”.

After the ship’s tests were completed, the plane was able to return to Atlanta, where it landed. The FBI has denied any involvement in the investigation.

Flight incidents have increased since airlines resumed operations after a near-landing due to a corona virus infection.

Steve Dixon, the head of the American Air Regulatory Authority (FAA), said in May that there had been “a significant increase in circumstances with unruly passengers” in recent months, including a refusal to wear a mask.

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