June 25, 2022


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Unprecedented floods hit roads, bridges and houses in Yellowstone National Park (Videos)

Yellowstone National Park in the United States is closed to visitors for several days. Nature park officials; Spread across the states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, it was forced to make this decision at the beginning of the summer after the “unprecedented” and “record” floods. The flood destroyed bridges and roads, making it very dangerous to enter Yellowstone, especially north of the park.

“Our first priority is to clear the north of many dilapidated roads and bridges, landslides and other problems,” park manager Cam Sholey said in a statement to The Guardian. Videos posted on social media show the severity of the damage. In particular we see a metal bridge being carried by the waves and a house located on the edge of the river. Many Americans living on the edge of the park can no longer reach their homes, and access roads to there have been destroyed by the flood.

Five access roads to Yellowstone have been blocked since Monday and should remain so until Thursday. This is the first time the park has closed its doors to visitors since 1988. That year, wildfires devastated the area.

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