January 30, 2023


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Update on the ECTC map: Belgium is orange again, Spain is completely red, and new areas of orange in France

As every Thursday, the ECTC map is updated. So this card has different color codes for all European countries and manages our travels for a few months. After several weeks of gradual greening, the reversal that began last week has been confirmed. Although Portugal was classified as red for all its regions, now is Spain’s turn, where the last orange areas have moved to the next level, even dark red for some areas.

In France, all regions are no longer green. Like the entire French Riviera, Provence or Toulouse, the Perpignan or Montpellier region, the Old de France will turn orange. The situation is also complicated in Greece, where green is scarce and scarce, and many islands, such as Crete, have turned red.

The news is best in Italy, which is completely green. Croatia turns completely orange, like Ireland.

And Belgium? Flanders and Wallonia go orange again like Brussels and they don’t have time to go green. Further north, the Netherlands will turn completely red, while Germany will be green everywhere.

As a reminder, here are the rules for returning to Belgium by region. There is no obligation to isolate or test revenue from the green or orange zone. Holders of the European Digital Govt Certificate confirming red zone returns, a complete vaccination (+2 weeks), recent negative PCR test (> 72 hours) or recovery certificate should not be isolated. Persons being tested (day 1 or day 2) should not be self-isolated during arrival. For adolescents over 12 years of age, a negative PCR test requirement Children under 12 years of age are excluded from the test.

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For returns from high-risk areas, isolation for a period of 10 days with PCR testing is mandatory, which should be carried out on days 1 and 7. This obligation applies to those who have a complete vaccine or who have already undergone a test negative in the country in question.