June 25, 2022


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Update Russian progress on the map

For now, Russia has not taken full control of a single Ukrainian city, although its forces have entered the cities of Kiev and Kharkiv, far from the Russian border.

Moscow has demanded control of some urban centers, such as Melitopol and Kerson, north of annexed Crimea, not confirmed by Western sources.

They did not get the results they expected

A U.S. military official told reporters Friday that Russian speeds had been stagnant for 24 hours, especially around Kiev.

They did not get the results they expected“, he said.

“Contradictory information”

Versions of each page about the losses vary drastically and Western sources warn of possible attempts at misinformation. The Ukrainian defense minister said 2,800 Russian soldiers had been killed without supplies. The health ministry said on Saturday that 198 civilians, including three children, had died.

For its part, Moscow did not provide loss figures.

We need to be wary of statistics being reported on both sides

In estimating the losses, we have no statistics. We need to be wary of statistics being reported by both sides as this will be part of the information war elements of this conflict.“, According to French public servants.

About the fate of the city of Melidopol, for example, “The information is contradictory. The Russian company announces that the Russian army has captured the city. The Ukrainians, like the British, deny it. I think we have to wait a while. We are usually in a conflict where information elements are a particularly important conflict“.

Kiev at the center of the war

From Friday night until Saturday, the Russian military reportedly targeted the Ukrainian capital. This Saturday, Kiev woke up Subject to missile attack from Moscow.

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Fighting broke out between Russian and Ukrainian forces on Victory Avenue, one of Kiev’s main thoroughfares. In the northwest of the capital, artillery and missile strikes echoed from time to time, AFP reporters reported.