October 7, 2022


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US intelligence report says Govt-19 virus is ‘probably’ not ‘genetically engineered’

Joe Biden on Friday accused China of withholding “important information about the origin of the Kovit-19 epidemic” after releasing a summary of the US intelligence investigation report that did not address the issue.

“Important information about the origin of the epidemic is in China, but from the beginning, government officials in China have worked to prevent access to international investigators and global public health actors,” the U.S. president wrote in a statement.

The secret report was given to Joe Biden this week, who gave U.S. intelligence 90 days to “redouble their efforts” to explain the origins of the Covit-19.

The Covid-19 virus was not developed “as a biological weapon” and was “probably” not “genetically engineered”, the latter being briefly released to the public.

But American intelligence is still divided between the hypothesis of the first case caused by the natural exposure of the affected animal or the result of a laboratory accident.

In detail, the four intelligence agencies and the National Intelligence Council believe that the animal study is the most “possible” with the least amount of confidence.

They specifically relied on “multiple vectors for animal expression” to justify their verdict, as well as those who did not know the virus existed before China appeared.

“The U.S. intelligence community is judging that Chinese officials had no prior knowledge of the virus before the outbreak began,” he actually wrote in this summary.

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However, another intelligence agency considers “a moderate optimism” that the study for laboratory leaks could have been “probably” carried out by experiments, animal manipulation or “through the Wuhan Institute of Virology”.

Finally, the “analysts of the three companies” did not decide between one or the other of the hypotheses.

Without the “new information” provided by China, intelligence would have been “unable to give them a more definitive explanation” for the appearance of Kovit-19.

“To date, China has been rejecting calls for this revelation, and the number of epidemics continues to rise,” Joe Biden added in his statement.