December 8, 2022


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‘Vaccinate’: When Trump is angered by his own supporters

This weekend, Donald Trump was on a trip to Alabama. A rally was held in Gulman. During his speech, the former president recommended that people be vaccinated. News that the public does not like. After this speech, Donald Trump blew the whistle loudly by the NBC meeting statements.

“You know what? I fully believe in your freedom. Really. You have to do what you have to do.” He had begun. “But I recommend it: get vaccinated. I did. That’s good. Get vaccinated.” Those present then began to whistle at the former president. Not one or two, the former head of state did not back down two steps.

“It’s okay. You’re free.” A trim. “But I got the shot. If it doesn’t work, you’ll know first. Okay? I called Alabama. Hey, you know what? But the vaccine works. Of course, you have to be free and have this freedom.”

Last October, Donald Trump was hit hard by the Govt-19. His relatives are especially afraid to put him on a ventilator, the New York Times reports. Despite this, the people of Gulman City do not believe in the benefits of the vaccine.

In Alabama, 8 out of 10 voters voted for Trump in the last US presidential election. A support he would not want to lose if he came to represent himself within a few years.

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