November 30, 2022


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“Vaccine alone is not enough”: European company calls for “strong and urgent action” to counter the progress of the Omicron variant

The European Epidemiology Agency warned on Wednesday that “strong action” in the face of the rapid development of the Omigran variant was “urgent” because “the vaccine alone is not enough”.

“Under the current circumstances, vaccination alone will not prevent the impact of the Omicron variant because there is still no time to fill the existing vaccine gaps.”, Andrea Ammon, director of the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC), said in a video address.

The EU Health Agency has raised its assessment of the risks of the new variant to public health “too high”, suggesting a return to telecommunications and a series of more cautious measures at the end of the year. Celebrations and trips.

Strong action is needed immediately

In his opinion, the new variant is “more likely” to cause hospitalizations and deaths than previously predicted by previous predictions centering on the delta variant that has so far dominated. To “manage” the burden on the health system, the ECDC once again called for “rapid reintroduction and strengthening” of the so-called “non-drug” measures against Kovit, which generally included restrictions.

“There is an urgent need to take strong action to reduce transmission, ease the heavy burden on health systems and protect the most vulnerable in the coming months,” he said. Includes agency comprising 27 EU countries, Norway and Iceland.

Tracking, priority

The World Health Organization (WHO) had already warned on Tuesday that the Omigran variant was “spreading at a rate we have never seen before in any other way”, calling for the use of all anti-Govt tools to quickly block health systems. Overflowing as the holiday season approaches.

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For ECDC, the use of masks, telecommunications, avoidance of congestion in places and public transportation, staying home while you are sick, maintaining ventilation and high hygiene are “priorities”.

For possible or confirmed cases of Omicron, tracking should also be a priority, and testing should be “an important tool” during vaccination, as well as isolating Covid-19 positive cases.